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All of the Musa

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Winx club love Europian All of the Musa

Počalji od Saki♥Miku taj Pon 04 Apr 2011, 13:01

Hi! I am Musa and I was born on 30th May. My fairy sign is Elf!

I come from Melody, a wonderful planet where music is the real Queen! I inherited the passion for music from my parents. My mother Matlin, is a great singer, and my father Ho-Boe, is an extraordinary drummer! Now my days are very busy because of the lessons (I have become a Fairy Godmother!), but this doesn't prevent me from learning to play an instrument per week!

My blind spot? Riven, a slightly complicated boy, who makes my heart beat faster! My Pixie, it may sound strange, is Tune, the minifairy of Good Manners! Why strange? Beh, you don't know me then!


favourite food : spicy food!
favourite colour : yellow
favourite hobby : playing & singing!
favourite pet : golden fish!
ideal boyfriend : Riven, when he is in a good mood.
bestfriend : Tecna and... Riven (when he is in a good mood)
favourite movie s: comedies and videoclips!br />I love: learning to play new instruments!
I hate : arguing with Riven
favourite music : hip-hop, r&b, jazz, rock and classical music!
favourite shoe s: sneakers
favourite subject : Musical Creation
favourite spell : Sonic Wave.


Lost your voice? Eat an anchovy and have some honey in the morning. You will be fine after that!

The number one princess in this whole wide world
In your heart you should know by now to treat me kindly, ok?
The number one princess in this whole wide world
Do you see it now? Hey hey
Don't keep me waiting, I can't stand the time
Who do you think I am? Do you see me as your own?


Datum rođenja : 25.07.1996
Broj poruka : 9273
Datum upisa : 15.07.2009
Godina : 21
Lokacija : Serbia (Sabac)

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Winx club love Europian Re: All of the Musa

Počalji od _desirable. taj Ned 20 Nov 2011, 11:24


we accept the love we think we deserve.

Datum rođenja : 28.04.1998
Broj poruka : 2047
Datum upisa : 31.10.2011
Godina : 20
Lokacija : over the rainbow.

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